A safe place to grow.

Confidently create a safe environment for your little one with the guidance of internationally recognized child safety expert, Holly Choi.


The Essential Guide to Baby and Toddler Home Safety is a comprehensive video “encyclopedia” for all things home safety for families with a baby or toddler.

If you have ever wanted to borrow the brain of baby and toddler safety expert, Holly Choi (@safebeginnings), to keep your little one safe: now you can! Holly’s goal was to create a course that caregivers could work through to solve a number of challenges around the home from a babyproofing perspective, and easy strategies to prevent serious injury. 

The course starts off with “The Safety Mindset” module, where she talks about how to approach safety decision making and how to look at scenarios through an injury-prevention lens, without needing to feel like a “helicopter parent”. She provides you with all the information so that you can make solid choices for your own family, choices that fit your personal risk tolerance.

  • The course contains over 55 lessons, with 5h30m of video content

  • The course also comes with a 28-page companion workbook to help guide you in creating a safe environment at home for your little one.

  • The course spans 13 modules:

    • 1: The safety mindset

    • 2: Creating a safe nursery

    • 3: Common babyproofing

    • 4: The “yes space”

    • 5: Fall and bleeding hazards

    • 6: Burn hazards

    • 7: Water hazards

    • 8: Poison hazards

    • 9: Choking hazards

    • 10: Managing multiple children

    • 11: Creating a safe toddler bedroom

    • 12: Traveling and visiting family

    • 13: Holiday and entertaining safety

  • This is an ever-evolving course – new lessons to be added throughout the year, including seasonal content focused on Holiday Safety, Winter Safety and more.
  • Lifetime access – because learning shouldn’t have an expiry date.


Our course includes access to our companion workbook (PDF).

At your
own pace

Feeling distracted? That’s okay! This course can be completed at-your-own pace, and may be paused and resumed at your convenience.


This course is lead by Holly Choi, an internationally recognized baby and toddler safety expert.


Confidently create a safe environment for your little one with the guidance of internationally recognized child safety expert, Holly Choi

Receive lifetime access so you can refresh and update your knowledge as your little one grows.


  • Pillars of injury prevention
  • Risks vs. hazards
  • Layers of protection
  • Safety standards
  • When to start babyproofing
  • Saving money
  • Essential vs. optional babyproofing
  • The solution may be removal
  • What is survivorship bias?
  • Used baby gear
  • “What about the cat?”
  • Where to get help
  • Creating a safe nursery
  • Spot the hazard
  • Preventing overheating
  • When to lower the crib mattress
  • Window treatments
  • What is “out of reach”?
  • Stairs, gates and banisters
  • Door lock solutions
  • Furniture hazards
  • Cabinet and drawer locks
  • Outlets, cords and cables
  • Preventing window falls
  • Appliance locks
  • Stove knob covers
  • When can babyproofing come down?
  • What is a “yes space”?

  • Examples of a “yes space”

  • The bobblehead effect
  • Elevated surfaces
  • Helmets, biking and other activities
  • Fitting a bike helmet (2V1 rule)
  • High chair safety
  • Selecting a high chair
  • Sources of common burn injuries
  • Preventing the most common burns
  • Hot hair tools
  • Fire safety
  • Drowning statistics

  • Safe bath time

  • Swimsuit safety

  • Swimming pool safety

  • Swimming lessons

  • Life jackets

  • Overlooked hazards

  • What’s poisonous and what to do if poisoning happens

  • Plant safety

  • Vintage toys

  • Button batteries

  • Top choking hazards

  • The toilet roll test

  • Multiple children and toys

  • Multiple children and gates

  • Transitioning to a toddler bed

  • Babyproofing on vacation
  • Visiting family


The video content is 5 hours and 30 minutes, but you can take as long as you need to work through it.

The course works on most devices – phone, tablet or computer.
Specifically, your phone, tablet or computer must be able to run one of the following web browsers:
Phone or Tablet: iOS Safari (version 11 and up), Chrome, or Samsung Internet
Desktop: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer (version 11 only)

Absolutely! Get in touch with us and we’ll get you set up!

This course is intended to be purchased on a per-individual basis. Safe Beginnings First Aid reserves the right to disable access to the course without warning for accounts accessing the course from several IP addresses, and/or multiple devices accessing the course simultaneously.