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Holly Choi is an internationally-recognized baby and toddler safety expert.

Holly’s popular social media platforms educate over 170,000 parents worldwide on all things baby and toddler safety.

all things baby + Toddler safety

Her extensive experience and knowledge in baby and toddler safety (first aid, car seat safety, and childproofing), in addition to being a mom of two, gives her a well-rounded and unique, yet relatable perspective.

audience focus: parents in the US and Canada

Don’t let her home city of North Vancouver, BC fool you: the majority of Holly’s audience and brand partners are US-based. Holly is well versed in baby product safety on both sides of the border and is often called on by both US and Canadian media for expert commentary. Holly has been a featured baby and toddler safety expert by Good Morning America, Forbes, Global News (Canada), and CTV (Canada) among others.

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Benefits to brands and organizations

  • “Influencers” aren’t known for accuracy – especially when it comes to safety. If you need someone to get the messaging right, you don’t want an influencer. You want an expert: Holly’s your person.
  • Credible and relatable: Holly’s credentials and experience speak for themselves. Her positive reputation in the injury prevention field stems from her ability to connect with parents and caregivers in an empathetic, relatable way, while delivering important lifesaving messaging that makes an impact.

Holly's VALUES

  • Holly values the trust of her audience of parents and caregivers above all.
  • Every child deserves safety. Inclusivity, representation and equity for marginalized communities matters.
  • Holly does not provide uninformed opinions. Holly will not create content for products she is not personally familiar with. If a product or review is involved while working with a brand, product needs to be received by Holly for review before proceeding any further, and does not guarantee a partnership.
  • Holly must be confident in the product’s safety.
  • Holly will not speak out of scope (see next section for more details).


  • Holly’s work is focused on injury prevention for babies and toddlers.
  • Her areas of expertise (scope) are: first aid/CPR, car seat safety, childproofing (“babyproofing”) and early childhood injury prevention.
  • Topics Holly will *NOT* speak to: medical advice or claims (with the exception of limited areas within the scope of her first aid instructor training), nutrition advice or claims (supplements included), anything that isn’t an obvious fit, anything that requires a differently-credentialed subject matter expert.

family first

  • Holly values the privacy of her children, who are now school-aged.
  • Holly’s children are off-limits for content, and contracts requiring their participation will not be entertained.

Holly's qualifications


child passenger safety (car seat safety)

Canada 🇨🇦

Vice President
Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC)
2022 - present

Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor (CPST-I)
Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC)
2017 - present

Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)
Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC)
2015 - present

Member, Board of Directors
Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC)
2019 - present

Child Passenger Safety Educator
British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA)
2019 - present

USA 🇺🇸​

Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)
Safe Kids Worldwide (US)
2022 - present

Child Passenger Safety Restraint Systems on School Buses
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
2022 - present

first aid

First Aid Instructor
Lifesaving Society BC/Yukon
2015 - present

Training Partner
Canadian Red Cross
2019 - present

CPR + First Aid Instructor
Canadian Red Cross
2020 - present

childproofing / injury prevention

Member, International Association for Child Safety
Holly Choi has successfully completed the Home Hazards Test (HHT)

2020 - present

Too Hot for Tots Educator Certificate
BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Burn Fund
2020 - present

Member, Prevent Child Injury
Prevent Child Injury brings together a coalition of stakeholders to speak with one voice and share specific injury prevention messaging on a national level.
2020 - present

Work with Holly

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Holly is available for:

  • Brand partnerships
  • Television media
  • Print/web media/news articles
  • Consultations/feedback for manufacturers of juvenile products/home safety products
  • Presentations/speaking engagements
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