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We welcome younger babies in our class based on their crawling status:

  • If baby isn’t crawling: Pre-mobile (not yet crawling) babies are welcome to join us in class, so long as there’s something to put them on (blanket, bassinet, bouncer, etc) that isn’t directly the floor per our COVID policy.

  • If baby is crawling: If baby is crawling, we need you to find care for them. We have this policy in place to limit distractions for other participants and because we can’t ensure the safety of our venues for children who may try to explore. For already-crawling babies that are exclusively breastfed and may need attention during that time (but aren’t able to join the class due to being mobile), some breastfeeding parents opt to attend alone and have another caregiver drop by half-way through the class with the baby for the baby to eat, and then take the baby back home.

In privately hosted courses, children of any age are welcome to be present.

Anytime is great, really! We have a big mix of caregivers in our classes – expecting parents anywhere from 16 weeks to 40 weeks, parents with new babies, grandparents and other family members, and parents with toddlers who want a refresher or are learning for the first time!

We offer classes both in-person (if you’re local to us) and online (across North America). If you’re not local to us, you can take an online course at any time, but we do recommend taking a course while expecting because the skills are relevant from birth.

If you’re local to us, there are pros and cons to joining an in-person class while expecting:

  • If you join us while you’re expecting, most find it easier to focus on the content because they don’t have a baby with them (we allow pre-mobile babies in our classes).
  • The physical skills can be a bit more challenging if you’re pregnant (CPR, getting down to the ground to check for breathing, etc). We never push anyone to do something that’s physically strenuous, of course; so that’s why we do have a significant amount of pregnant attendees who are 37+ weeks.
  • If you’re pregnant, we recommend taking the class it before 34 weeks (if possible!) for comfort purposes, though, if you’re able to get into a class with space. We do recommend taking it while expecting, because the skills are relevant from birth.

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Our in-person course schedule and registration can be found here.

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