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Safe Beginnings First Aid (known more widely as "@safebeginnings", thanks to social media) is a North American leader in baby and toddler safety courses, content and resources.

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Our industry-leading baby and toddler-focused safety courses empower parents and caregivers with skills to confidently react in an emergency; and the knowledge to prevent serious injury before it happens.


For those times you just want an expert opinion: we offer virtual one-on-one personalized safety consultations, and curated in-person safety support packages for those who want a personalized, at-home experience.


With over three decades of experience in baby and toddler safety, our experts have curated buying guides to cut through the noise of online marketplaces; so you can select the best safety gear for your family.

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from our community

"The way you approach safety actually feels safe"

The content and information you share is such a gift and makes a life-altering impact on families. Just considering worst-case scenarios has stressed me out so much at various points in my life. However, the way you approach safety actually feels safe. You don’t fear monger and you don’t scare people into injury prevention/preparedness. You have created a safe place for people to learn about safety. Thank you for that! 

- Danielle r.

NEW! Personalized safety consultations

For those times you just want an expert opinion.

Personalized safety consultations and recommendations for car seat safety, babyproofing and injury prevention with internationally-recognized baby and toddler safety expert, Holly Choi.