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eCourse purchases for customers in Canada

Yep, we sure are! While we provide education across North America, we’re based in the Vancouver, BC area.

Back in 2020, in a time where parents were faced with finding virtual solutions for everything they needed to learn about baby, our online courses gained huge traction and popularity in the US. As a result, our Instagram account grew to a massive audience, mostly US-based.

While the growth was fantastic, unfortunately our online course system only allows us to select one currency at checkout. For this reason, with the majority of our eCourse customers being based in the US, we chose USD as our primary currency for the eCourses.

Absolutely! We’ve made this page as a simple workaround so you can pay in CAD for our eCourses.

After payment you’ll receive an email within a few minutes from our online course system welcoming you to set up your password and get started.

You can learn all about our eCourses here.