Do you work with parents or caregivers with newborns?

Note: At the moment, we are only shipping these cards within Canada.

Our recently updated car seat safety postcards, “Using Your Newborn’s Car Seat” are a great resource to provide caregivers.

The double-sided postcards cover the important points caregivers should look for to ensure:

  • The newborn’s car seat is installed correctly
  • The newborn is buckled into the car seat correctly
  • What information they should be double-checking in the car seat manual
  • What information they should be double-checking in the vehicle manual

The cards are lightly branded at the bottom with web addresses to Safe Beginnings First Aid, in case they’re interested in taking one of our in-person or online infant safety courses, and Safer Seats Car Seat Technicians, where Greater-Vancouver families can connect with a certified technician to get their car seats checked (volunteers by-donation).

Our cards are provided free, just pay the shipping – $4.50 per 40 cards.
Note: The cards are shipped in bundles of 40 to keep shipping prices low.

Local pickup in North Vancouver, BC is possible, too (send us an email instead, if that’s the case!)