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Get Standard First Aid certification AND Wilderness First Responder Certification over 8 days at nearly 50% off!


From March 27- April 3, we will be offering a dual certification in order for all of our instructors to meet professional development requirements.

Starting with a blended Red Cross Standard First Aid course (7-8 hours completed online ahead of time) skills practice and assessment, participants will build a strong foundation of first aid skills, while also gaining valuable Standard First Aid with CPR-C/AED certification (3 years) that meets or exceeds employment first aid requirements in many fields.

From March 28-April 3, participants will then apply and significantly deepen those skills in a wilderness setting with the focus on decision making and extended care that is often required of targeted responders when emergency medical services are not quickly accessible. Upon successful completion, Red Cross certification will be awarded in Wilderness First Responder (3 years) and BLS (1 year).

The Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Program is one of the leading programs of its kind in Canada. Our newly updated program includes:

  • Fully updated course content and resources, including a take-home Wilderness & Remote Field Guide filled with pictures, protocols, and the latest techniques.
  • Learning activities and scenarios with real-life situations specifically designed for wilderness and remote environments.
  • Wilderness First Responder level providing advanced first aid and CPR skills, leadership and rescue decision-making skills for professional rescuers who work and respond to emergencies in remote or wilderness settings.
  • Significant opportunities for hands-on learning with a significant portion of the courses taught in an outdoor setting so participants get the most effective learning experience possible.

In the 80 hour Wilderness First Responder course, participants learn skills and strategies for urgent evacuation and, at times, extended care (5+ days)

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Leadership skills
  • Expectation to provide care
  • Use of professional tool kit and resources
  • Extrication and rescue decision- making


  • Wilderness & Remote Field Guide
  • Emergency Care for Professional Responders reference text (digital)
  • Red Cross first aid manual

The majority of the Wilderness First Responder course will be conducted outdoors in all weather. It is essential that participants are dressed for all weather conditions and prepared to be outside for the majority of the day, including spending time directly on the ground. Waterproof rain pants are highly recommended in addition to other gear.

Most days will run from 9am-6pm, however there will also be night time scenarios on March 29 and March 31. Daily times could vary depending on the flow of the course.